S.C.S.C.S. is a Web and PC home and office service!

We believe in Honesty, Integrity, Quality, and Excellence in Customer Service, which added together make a strong cornerstone foundation for the benefit of our overall clients. We also provide many different computer related services to our clients. SCSCS.NET is a subsidiary of S.C.S.C.S. which is a frontier for Web Authoring Services, Web Hosting, CGI-BIN configurations, and Computer Services. We are your One Stop Web Service Solution!

Computer Servicing

We can supply all your computer servicing needs. If you are having problems with your home or office PC, we can fix it! Our technicians are;

No computer problem is too big, or too small. If we can't fix it we won't charge you our hourly rate. It's that simple!

Web Development

This is the service that you would use if you need someone to actually design, and build you a website for business or personal use! Our office can provide this service for you at our standard office rate. Please contact us for information on pricing for your specific needs. If you need anything done to your website that requires Web Authoring or Development, we can do this for you through our Web Authoring package.

If you already have a web developer, we can still be of benefit to you through our many other services. You might benefit by reading this entire section before making any hasty decisions about websites, or looking for that "deal" that you think is going to benefit your pocket book. We also suggest that you procure the original files from your current web developer on CD for your own records. We may always be here for you, but your current web developing agent could very well disappear on you. So we strongly recommend that you get the backups on CD. You can also have us do upgrades whenever you wish by contacting our office.

So you have decided that you want a website! And you need someone to build this dream site for you. Or, perhaps you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving from someone else. You want it done professionally, and you want it done fast, because time equals money. You have come to the right place! We offer several plans for complete Web development.

First, let's talk about the production phase of your website itself. The artistry, the composition, the graphic art, the photos, etc...

All of this needs to be done for you! You need to think about who is going to spend the time to design the site, write the descriptive words, produce the graphics through an art program, and then to put the puzzle pieces together. The software to do this correctly is very expensive, not to mention the years of experience needed to master the field of graphic arts and web development. This is why professionals charge a reasonable fee to do this for you.

Then you need to take into consideration who it is that is going to come to your location and physically take the photographs. All of these are labor intensive job descriptions. And nobody is going to do this for free unless they owe you a favor, or owe you money for something!


Many people do not know the difference between building a web site & hosting one. Many hours can be spent in preparing a website for the Internet before it ever even gets to the actual Host. As we mentioned above, the pages have to be configured, the graphics have to be prepared, and in many cases built from scratch. The buttons have to be created, and then linked to their destinations. And as is the case with our Professional-Plus Plan, the CGI-BIN configurations have to be done. And many pages have to be prepared with each of them linking together perfectly.

Public Appearance

Yes, there are those out there that can offer this to you for less, but you will always get what you pay for. Your clientele will ultimately judge you and your business according to how you appear on the web. If you cut corners and spend very little on your web development, you will get very little after all is said and done! Less customers, less world recognition and respect, and less for your money. If you invest in your appearance on the web, you will have the right to ask for more, you will have positive recognition, and receive the respect you deserve. A woman will spend hundreds of dollars on hair salons, cosmetics, supplies, and clothing so that she will look her best. She knows that she will ultimately be judged by her appearance. She simply doesn't cut corners here because she knows how important her appearance is. The cosmetics industry has made billions in profits because of this fact!

Well, ones appearance on the web is really not that different. Why would someone be concerned about their appearance in person, and yet not concern themselves with their appearance to millions of potential customers on the web? A business is an extension of ourselves, and we will ultimately be judged on how we conduct business. So if you are not willing to spend the money to look good on the web, you will appear as a fly by night business. This is not a comfort to someone looking for a stable professional, and business failures come and go every day!


This is simply the first phase of the process. So, after all is said and done, your website then has to be uploaded to the Host. In other words, you have to pay a monthly payment on the house where you park your car. But things don't stop there! Your website has to be maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure everything is working, and that the upgrades are done in a systematic fashion. This is what we do! We are still here servicing our clients, but your current web developer may be gone tomorrow.

So let's say you got the "deal" and have your website already done for you. And let's say you found another deal for web hosting which is a cheap monthly rate. So what do you do now? Do you even know what a DNS server is? Or even how to register with the DNS service? And do you have the expertise to properly configure the DNS to link to the web host? Who is going to handle the technical details and configurations? Who is going to upload this website for you, and where exactly are you going to park it? Do you even know what a web host is? And what a web host is offering you with that "deal" you found? Will this web host be there tomorrow? What will you do when they disappear on you? Or, what will you do when the one handling your upload disappears along with the username and password for the hosting service you just paid for? What happens when the URL ( yourname.com ) that you paid for expires? And when does it expire? And who notifies you when it does? What happens when your website goes off the web, and is no longer available? Who do you contact? A computer? These are all questions that need addressing if you are going to "do it yourself". All of these descriptions are separate services which are needed in order to get you online. We can still be of service to you! We handle all of this for you with our One Stop Web Service Solution!


Web Development Service!

The Professional Plan offers our clients an entry level plan with everything needed to get started with exposure on the World Wide Web. This is essentially a slimline version of Web Development without the Shopping Cart or Flash applications. Many of our business clients prefer to simply have worldwide exposure, but want to have their clientele contact them directly for business opportunities.


Add-Ons that we offer

The addition of the Shopping Cart. We insert, configure, and implement Shopping Cart features so that your customers can pay you directly & securely through your very own Online Webstore. In order to use this feature you will need to make arrangements with your Bank to accept Online Credit Card Transactions. In essence, you will have your very own Online Credit Card machine.

The addition of Macromedia Flash applications. These animated graphics applications can be tedious and very time consuming. This feature includes such applications as animated Buttons, Banners, Intros, and Site Map Navigation controls. Your desire is our command! Contact us today for more information, and let's see what we can do for you!

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Web Hosting & Server Configurations

There is quite a bit of confusion out there about Web Hosting. Some people think that this service includes everything they need to get on the web, as well as being found through the many search engines. Nothing could be further from reality! These two categories are only a few of the services involved. And every aspect of web development is distinct, and separate from one another. For instance, Search Engine Submissions alone originate through several different companies, and are a separate PAID advertising service as is documented above. Yes, if someone types in your URL, you will be found on the web no matter who you host with, but to type in a keyword search and be found that way is a PAID advertising service.

The bottom line is, everyone wants your money! And they will go out of their way to get you signed up with their program. They will even try and persuade you by telling you that you are being ripped off by your current service. The phone companies do this all the time as they try to get you signed up to a different long distance service! But the question is, what are you really getting in return for your money? There are many web hosting services that offer web hosting "service" for low rates. And there are many levels of hosting packages available out there.

But, what many people don't understand when they are shopping for the "deal" out there, is that such "deals" are do it yourself packages. Such "service" packages DO NOT include the technician that is needed to do the server configurations to get you up and running smoothly on the web. And this is why they can offer you such low rates. You will be dealing with a computer interface, and software, nothing more! And in many cases, you don't even get a human being to deal with in technical support, only a computer interface, or phone loop menu locked into a computer. And for those who have a hard enough time checking their own email, let alone do technical configurations, this is simply not a realistic alternative!

At S.C.S.C.S. our Hosting Service package includes everything you need from one source!

Web Hosting, or Domain Hosting as it is often referred to, is the physical location where your website will reside. There are a number of things that need to take place before your website can be hosted on a server.

First off, you will need to reserve the name of your choice if it is available. This assigned name, which would look like this yourname.com, is at this point reserved for you at a yearly fee. It then will need to be assigned what is called an IP address. This is similar to a license number on a car. It's like leasing a car, but then you have to go to the DMV to get the license plates for it before you can legally drive it on the streets. But it is very difficult to remember an IP number such as This is where a Domain Name Resolution Service comes into play. Generally referred to as a DNS server, this service keeps a database that is used to resolve registered names & numbers together. When this name is registered, it is then assigned the IP address that will be used to find you on the Internet. This is called IP resolution. At that moment, yourname.com becomes www.yourname.com often referred to as a URL or Universal Resource Locator. But at this point it is only a name & a virtual number in a database.

The DNS server then has to be configured to point those who request this URL to a physical location which is referred to as a Host. In essence, you have to find a home for your URL www.yourname.com. This is where you will park your domain, or website.

Think of this as parking your leased car in a garage at a physical address. Your car has it's license number which is registered to you, and the garage is a physical address where the car is parked. Then at the DMV, these two are connected to one another in a database. So if you decide to move to a new location, you would have to update the DMV records to the new physical address.

This is what we do for you! You give us the name of your choice and we reserve it for you if it is available. We also reserve you a leased physical address for your website. We then do all the configurations to resolve this name with an IP address which places you in a DNS database. We then Host your Domain on our Servers. And when you Host with S.C.S.C.S. we offer you unlimited email accounts!


We offer all of this along with our Website Authoring package which is tailored to your specific needs. That way you don't have to think about it.

Web Hosting can be very complex. You DO NOT need the extra stress that can come with this. Knowing where to go, how to do it, who to talk to, what to pay!

Your search is over!

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Web Maintenance Services

Our Services also include a Maintenance feature. This is where you will use our office technicians to configure, maintain, or change the appearance of your website.

Many customers do not want the hassle of endless configurations to their webstore. This can be tedious, and unless you are very well versed in CGI-BIN data configuration, we suggest that you allow us to Maintain this function for you. So we do offer to Maintain the CGI-BIN database of your webstore inventory as your business grows. Therefore, if you will need your webstore Maintained on a regular basis once your initial webstore is uploaded, there will be a standard office hourly fee for each configuration done by our technicians.

This allows you to be free to run your business from a sales perspective. For those who have the ability & prefer to maintain their own website or store, we offer them the option of logging onto their own password protected directory & configure their websites as they wish. At this point we are simply your annual Web Hosting Service!

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